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Did we tell you.....The National Lottery is funding our project.

Our eyes touched the screen when we got the email informing us of the good news.

New Ethos Nottingham Receives Funding from The National Lottery

New Ethos Nottingham, we are a hostel providing accommodation and support to those transitioning out of the criminal justice system, we have been awarded a £9800 grant from The National Lottery Community Fund. This much-needed funding will help us to house a further 11 people, helping to further integrate them back into their local community.

The timing of this award could not have been any better. New Ethos Nottingham has recently been through a rough period, making it difficult to be able to fund the necessary expansion of our hostel. This new grant will take the pressure off of our finances, allowing us to focus on providing the best possible care and support for the individuals transitioning out of prison.

The money awarded to us is part of a larger amount of funds awarded by The National Lottery Community Fund. This money goes towards supporting people, communities, and vital services, providing much-needed aid throughout the UK. This award to New Ethos Nottingham is a perfect example of how The National Lottery’s money is being used to benefit those in need.

The funding from The National Lottery Community Fund has allowed us here at New Ethos Nottingham to move forward with more confidence and assurance and will support more individuals to re-integrate into their local community. We are delighted with the outcome and are now looking forward to the future of our organisation.

This is a great example of how the money raised by National Lottery players is helping to positively impact people and communities. The money awarded to New Ethos Nottingham will help to make a lasting difference in the lives of those transitioning out of the criminal justice system.

A big Thank you to The National Lottery Community fund, you've helped us to #EMPOWERCHANCETOCHANGE

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Team New Ethos Nottingham Housing

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