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Our Working relationships and partnerships with third party organisations 

We want to play our part in helping to tackle hunger, by ensuring that our food surplus benefits the people that need it the most. That’s why we launched Feed it Back, our nationwide food surplus redistribution network , which connects all of our stores to good causes in their areas, such as charities and food banks. Not only does this enable each Lidl store to donate edible food surplus at a local level, it also helps to bring our store teams even closer to the communities they serve.

DASH Services is a joint-working initiative with Local Authorities, property owners, landlords and tenants. DASH aims to improve housing conditions in the private sector, with particular emphasis on the private rented sector.

The service has operated successfully across the East Midlands region for a number of years, providing a valuable low cost service to over 40 Local Authorities. Due to our strategic nature and success DASH continues to develop across the country and now much further afield and is a leading provider of housing advice, information and guidance for the private rented sector.

We were established in response to the introduction of the Housing Act 2004 by Government, and were set up to provide support services to Local Government in undertaking their statutory duties however our remit and geographical area has expanded to adapt to the changing housing markets we find ourselves in.

Dash services provided New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC with quality approved housing services.

Himmah began 10 years ago, after a chance encounter between our current Director and a homeless man in Nottingham. The journey to feed, house, and settle this man resulted in the creation of a charity.

Over the past 10 years, this work has expanded into a collection of services, projects, and collaborations largely run with volunteers and goodwill. At the heart of the work is the ethos for empowerment, change, and public service.

Himmah provide New Ethos Nottingham 2 cic with food parcels.

Who we are

We are a charity delivering housing, health, employment, support and care services to people with a diverse range of needs across the East Midlands in Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire, and in Sheffield.

Regardless of their past, or the challenges they face, we empower people to achieve financial stability, social inclusion and independence, because we believe that everyone has the right and potential to achieve a better future.

Framework housing association provide New Ethos Nottigham 2 CIC with people needing supported semi independent housing.

Transitions Housing Solutions CIC has developed a specialist knowledge and experience in housing with support services and providing training.

We have the expertise in delivering housing and support solutions for vulnerable groups of society. This includes people that have experienced homelessness due to current challenges in the housing market or those who have been identified as having housing and additional support needs.


We are currently able to provide a range of accommodation options including:

· High Risk and Complex needs Supported housing

· Care Leavers supported housing 

· Emergency accommodation for single adults and couples

· Floating support services (Spring 2021)

· Emergency housing for families (Spring 2021)

· General needs housing (Autumn 2021)


We are able to offer support to:

· Male and Females Adults 18+

· Open to children leaving care with housing support needs 16+ (Specific properties only)

· People who have been homeless or are at risk of homelessness

· Families (Spring 2021)

· People with Learning Disabilities (Spring 2021)

· Former members of the regular armed forces

· People experiencing mental illness or impairment

· People experiencing alcohol or drug related issues

· People leaving prison

· People serving community-based sentence's or on probation/ licence

Founded in faith in 1976 by Father Roger Killeen, Emmanuel House Support Centre is an independent charity that supports homeless, vulnerable and isolated adults in Nottingham.

Our main aim is to prevent people becoming homeless and to support those who are homeless into accommodation.

We provide diverse and accessible services that meet people’s basic needs. As well as delivering direct support, Emmanuel House helps people connect with any one of the 100+ support services and organisations we’re in touch with. People are supported to access the service that best suits their needs around mental health, substance misuse, domestic violence or offending histories.

Emmanuel House is an independent charity that supports people who are homeless, rough sleeping, in crisis, or at risk of homelessness in Nottingham

Charity partnerships

We collaborate with a number of charities to address a range of social issues. Over time, these partnerships have grown and evolved to deliver a wide range of benefits in line with our community objectives and for the people in our communities.

Neighbourly is an award-winning giving platform that helps businesses make a positive impact in their communities by donating volunteer time, money and surplus products, all in one place.

Neighbourly community fund provides New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC with colmpanies that donate their surplus foods.

Food Surplus Redistribution - New Ethos Nottingham collect food donations on a weekly basis.


Creating a more sustainable world for all

For every 2 tonnes of food we eat in the UK, another tonne is wasted. That’s around £19 million of food waste a year. As the nation’s fastest-growing supermarket, Aldi has a responsibility to tackle this major issue and to help fight food poverty and minimize environmental impact.

Adi in partnership with neighbourly provides New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC with their surplus foods on a weekly basis.

We are UnLtd. We know social entrepreneurs offer some of the best solutions to loneliness, community resilience and our nation’s long term economic, social and cultural health.

Unltd provides New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC with the funded to successfully meet the needs of our service users.

We are committed to 50% of our Awards going to Black, Asian and minority ethnic social entrepreneurs, and/or disabled social entrepreneurs across our funding programmes.


Food waste is a huge problem with 1.3 billion tonnes of food wasted globally - this is one-third of all food produced for human consumption (Source: World Resources Institute).

We are passionate about doing more, which is why we have pledged to reduce our food waste by 50% by 2030. Our full-year results on anaerobic digestion showed that we have reduced food waste by 16% and that we’re ahead of our required trajectory to meet our target. Our focus last year saw a 19% increase in human redistribution through our food donation partnerships and a 5% increase in animal feed redistribution.

In recent months, we’ve been working hard to build on this fantastic work and improve our current food donation programme. We are delighted to have partnered with Neighbourly to manage our back of store food donation programme, helping to connect Sainsbury’s stores with local partners who will redistribute food to those in need.

Neighbourly is home to a network of over 17,000 charities, schools and community groups across the UK and Ireland. By matching a Sainsbury’s store with a donation partner, Neighbourly ensures that any surplus food gets directed to the people who need it most.

Charity partners will coordinate a daily collection service from their Sainsbury’s store where foods with a valid best before date will donated to them. Products will include both ambient and fresh grocery items. Donation partners will be supporting a wide range of local causes including homeless centres, schools, breakfast clubs, community centres, community fridges, community cafes, night shelters, refuges, churches, and hospices.

New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC support/supervises service users with making their applications for housing costs with Nottingham city council.

You can make a new claim if:

  • you’re living in temporary accommodation, such as a B&B arranged by your council

  • you’re living in a refuge for survivors of domestic abuse

  • you’re living in sheltered or supported housing (such as a hostel) which provides you with ‘care, support or supervision

If you do not get ‘care, support, or supervision through your supported or sheltered housing, you can apply for Universal Credit to help with housing costs.

If you’re in supported, sheltered, or temporary housing, you can apply for Universal Credit to help with other living costs.

NOTTINGHAM CITY COUNCIL works with New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC

Health and high-quality care for all, now and for future generations.
New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC signpost all service users to NHS GP surgeries and dentists in the local community. 

New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC signposts all service users to NHS GP surgeries and dentists in the local community.

Our Core Services

Domestic & Commercial

Window Cleaning 

Fascias & Soffits Cleans

Conservatory Cleans

Gutter Clearing & Cleaning

PVC Cleaning

Book in window cleaning provide New Ethos Nottingham with a window cleaning service.

New Ethos nottingham  have our windows cleaned monthly.

Getir donates over a quarter of a million meals to charity

Rapid grocery delivery company Getir has donated over a quarter of a million meals to charity, showing their resolute commitment to continue helping people who need it through their partnership with Neighbourly, the award-winning giving platform, to lend a helping hand to people cutting back on food during the cost-of-living crisis. 


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The B&Q Foundation supports registered charities with a combination of grants, volunteering time and home improvement resources. It concentrates its efforts on local charities helping to create better, safes places for people who need them most.

Nadia Edith Whittome is a British politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Nottingham East since the 2019 general election. A member of the Labour Party, she was elected at the age of 23, and became the Baby of the House as the youngest MP. She is a member of the Socialist Campaign Group and describes herself as a democratic socialist

National Lottery funding can help you to make a difference in your community. We offer funding from £300 to £10,000 to support what matters to people and communities. Want to know more?

Occasionally the Fund makes grants of under £10,000 to projects that benefit people right across the UK. Find out more about our UK-wide funding. We also make grants of more than £10,000 for longer-term projects.

At The Hygiene Bank, we believe it is not right that feeling clean should be a luxury or a privilege for anyone in our society, yet many are living in poverty and cannot afford to stay clean. That is why our network of projects exists – to give people access to the basics they need.


We are a grassroots, people-powered charity and social movement, grounded in community. Our passion stems from the injustice that people may be unable to fully participate in society due to hygiene poverty. This is why we work to inspire social change.

We refuse to waste food when people are going hungry. As a restaurant business, we’ve learned that some food waste is unavoidable, but we try to reduce it as much as possible by cooking chicken only when it’s needed. Since 2013 at the end of every night, any cooked chicken that hasn’t been sold is temperature checked, frozen and given to one of the restaurant’s charity partners as part of our ‘No Chucking Our Chicken’ programme. We have over 387 unique charities across the UK and Ireland, supporting all kinds of causes, including youth, homelessness, refugees, and women and family shelters. 

If there’s any food waste we can’t donate, we send it to Anaerobic Digestion where it is turned into renewable energy and agricultural fertiliser.

At Morrisons we understand how important the issue of unsold food is both environmentally and socially. We also know that this is something that really matters to our customers - which is why we have a number of policies and procedures in place to tackle this issue. 

In our stores, one of the ways we minimise the level of food waste by discounting it before it can no longer be sold or using it in our own canteens. If any food is left unsold, that is still safe to eat, it is donated by our stores to local community groups and charities. The small percentage of edible food in Morrisons stores that is wasted is currently used to produce energy rather than going to landfill.

Since our formation in 1967 at John A Stephens Builders Merchants Nottingham our ongoing objective has been to provide customers with a service that is second to none. I believe that we can justifiably claim to be one of the most efficient suppliers, both to the trade and DIY enthusiast. We will continue to expand the choice of lines and the range of services available to meet the needs of customers large and small, all over the Midlands region and beyond

The Probation Service is a statutory criminal justice service that supervises high-risk offenders released into the community.

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