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Compass on map new Ethos Nottingham semi independent supported accommodation

NEN Location Assessments


New Ethos House is located in a quiet residential area. The home is maintained to a high standard; temporary accommodation is spacious, stimulating, relaxing, and homely. There is a range of educational and recreational resources. There is outdoor space for physical exercise. The house is decorated and furnished to convey a homely feel and is fully compliant with Health and Safety, Fire regulations. Property maintenance is carried out regularly


Where we locate our services is carefully assessed and regularly reviewed; we consider:


  • Safeguarding concerns 

  • Accessibility of local services 


Location assessments are completed by senior management in consultation with relevant services in the area where the service is being considered for location. 


We seek to develop a broad understanding of the characteristics of the area where a home is to be located. 


When carrying out location assessments we consider 

  • whether the location influences the potential for an already vulnerable service user to be a victim of crime, such as being targeted for sexual exploitation; 

  • whether there is a likelihood of service users becoming drawn into criminal activities, e.g. gang crime or anti-social behavior; 

  • the suitability of the local neighborhood as a location for vulnerable people and 

  • whether there are environmental factors that would represent a hazard to service users, such as locations proximity to public houses, etc. 


Our Location assessments also take into account positive features in a local community that would offer benefits to service users, for example, opportunities for participation in leisure, sporting, or cultural activities, or links with services that could support ethnic or religious identities.


Our Location assessments involve: 

  • collection of publicly available local data e.g. local crime statistics, indices of deprivation, and other relevant data

  • consultation with appropriate local services, e.g. other local providers, the police, probation service providers, and, if relevant, voluntary services

  • completion a risk assessment; and 

  • development of risk management strategies. 


Completion of a risk assessment 

When we have collected the necessary information by following the processes outlined above, we form a view on the benefits and any disadvantages of the location and document the assessment.


Development of risk management strategies 

Any concerns about the location are carefully considered, and if the area is deemed suitably safe for the location of a NEN setting; strategies will be developed to manage any safeguarding concerns; this may involve working with appropriate local services. 


Openness, Transparency, and Review

Our Location Assessment and associated Risk Assessment are shared with service commissioners and reviewed annually.

New Ethos Nottingham Housing

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