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Supervised Support Services

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New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC provides stability and support/supervision for the socially excluded across the city of Nottingham and the east midlands. The organisation's primary focus is on those who are currently in touch with the criminal justice system "through the gate" and ex-offenders. We support/supervise individuals recovering from drug/alcohol misuse and the homeless. Enabling them to rehabilitate, regenerate, and reintegrate back into society, supporting/supervising them to live cohesively within their communities.

We help to shape individuals, so they are self-reliant and able to live independently. We help and encourage skills development, educational training, employment, debt management, handling of finance, and budgeting. We support/supervise their overall basic needs.

New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC prepares our service users with life skills that will support/supervise and guide them towards reaching their potential.

New Ethos Nottingham Semi indpendent Living supported Accommodation

As a service user you will be supported/supervised and allocated a key worker and in partnership with the relevant professional the flexibility to reduce or increase the support/supervision as appropriate. Key workers will promote independence, support/supervision, and wellbeing as well as taking into account your views and opinions as a service user, allowing you to lead decisions affecting your life.


Under carefully developed, and regularly reviewed, support plans, support workers will support the development of a range of life-skills including:  


• Developing, and sustaining, community and recreational interests

• Health and hygiene

• Budgeting skills

• Registering with doctors and dentist

• Cooking skills

• Gang culture awareness

• Sexual health, drug awareness, and legal responsibility awareness

• Independent cleaning/ health and safety awareness

• Cultural awareness, such as taking the service user shopping so the service user can access their traditional foods.


Our specified accommodation services cover a combination of complex needs which include:

  • Support/ Supervise with Substance misuse
  • Homelessness
  • Support/Supervise  With Offending Behaviour
  • Low Need Mental Health
  •  For 21-50 years

  • Resettlement into Independent living

  • Help with accessing and application of Universal Credit and benefits

  • Assistance with training and work opportunities

Skills development, educational training, support into employment, debt management, finance and budgeting skills, physical and mental health support.


Moving from the criminal justice system and or specified accommodation into their own tenancy is a critical time for any person. The majority of people transitioning into independence from the criminal justice system have complex backgrounds and may have faced traumas associated with their early years that may have interrupted and had an impact on their emotional and social development. 


We will work with service users to ensure a smooth transition into the community and the responsibility of holding their own tenancy and other obligations. We’ll work with the service user to source appropriate accommodation.


Our service will include:

    • Helping the service user locate suitable accommodation. 

    • Assistance with their application for housing, Universal Credit, benefits, and               seeking training and or employment.

  • help clients in looking at alternative routes to employment.

  • Help them to identify employment opportunities

  • Help them to develop a homelessness prevention strategy

  • Support/ supervise service users with budgeting and debt repayment that will prevent the pain of homelessness.

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