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Community Interest

new ethos Nottingham semi independent supported accommodation

How do we help people in the midlands?

New Ethos House is run by New Ethos Nottingham 2 C.I.C,  a Community Interest Company, otherwise known as a ‘not-for-profit organisation by guarantee, set up to provide specified supervised supported temporary accommodation and a safe environment for individuals wanting to experience abstinence. We are an Independent 21st Century Voluntary Sector Company: We feed the recovery process and the recovering individual first.

The Community Interest Company:

This company structure combines all advantages and no losses. It is the same structure as a limited company in that the Directors are in charge. This means that it is they who are empowered to make decisions and not be impeded by well-meaning but naturally conservative committees that Charities are often tied to. Ideal for a small, innovative company needing to hold a responsive edge in a changing sector.

Within Community Interest Company status, the company remains primarily focused on its core aims and not on profits for the Directors or shareholders. Similarly, the financial potential is not a barrier as within Charitable structures. Recovery comes first and money comes second.

We are a community interest company providing specified supervised supported temporary accommodation, working closely with outside agencies within the criminal justice system including prisons, probation services, local authorities & resettlement organisations such as Shelter and Framework. 


We offer ongoing support to 21 -50 yr males with low to medium risk within the criminal justice system


Donations will be used to support service users with eliminating barriers & integrating them back into an inclusive society by way of structured support addressing offending behavior.  Preparing them and enabling them with the skills they will need to manage their own tenancies effectively.

Donations from the community via our online platform will contribute towards

welcome packs which include:

bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, etc per person.  Our aim is to empower our citizens by providing them with the means to live semi-independently.


Our organisation was set up to benefit people who need stability support and supervision. 

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