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Our Criteria for moving into New Ethos Nottingham

New Ethos Nottingham

To be considered you must be

  • You must be in touch with the criminal justice system.

  • Homeless or facing homelessness

  • Low to High risk

  • Low Substance misuse

  • In need of specified, supported, temporary accommodation

  • 21-50 years of age

  • Be eligible for benefits

  • Male

  • Local Connection

  • Referred Via AP

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life at new ethos nottingham

New Ethos Nottingham Hostel

  • New Ethos House is Located in Nottingham, UK

  • NEN is a single-occupancy

  • All service users are in specified temporary supported housing

  • The license agreement is completed on arrival

  • Assistance with Housing Benefit/benefits and universal credit forms will be completed on arrival

  • Service users are responsible for their keys and rooms.

  • Service users are responsible for their upkeep.

  • Everybody is to be treated with respect.

  • Peers should positively support each other.

  • Violence or abuse of any nature will not be tolerated.

  • NO alcohol, illicit drugs, or energy drinks are to be bought on the premises

  • No under 18's

  • Weekly, random room checks will be carried out.

  • Smoking is only permitted in the designated outdoor smoking areas.

  • Service users are responsible for cleaning communal areas i.e. kitchen lounge.

  • New ethos house is a 5-minute walk from shops and amenities

  • Very easy access to tram and bus routes into the city

  • Doctors surgery and dentists are very close to New Ethos House

  • New Ethos House is staffed during office hours

Arboretum Nottingham City
New Ethos Nottingham

At New Ethos Nottingham our service users are diverse and have varied needs, some are recovering from drugs and alcohol problems, some may only need short-term support such as intervention, signposting, and advice, while other needs may be more complex and require more continuous support, such as a service user with low-medium mental health issues,

you will receive support/ supervision towards developing and sustaining, community and recreational interests in the following areas

• Health and hygiene

• Budgeting skills

• Registering with doctors and dentist

• Cooking skills

• Gang culture awareness

• Sexual health, drug awareness, and legal responsibility awareness

• Independent cleaning/ health and safety awareness

• Cultural awareness, such as taking you shopping so that you can access your traditional food


Nottingham market square New Ethos Notti
New Ethos Nottingham CIC

New Ethos House is run by New Ethos Nottingham 2 C.I.C,  a Community Interest Company, otherwise known as a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation by guarantee, set up to provide a safe environment for individuals wanting to experience abstinence. We are an Independent 21st Century Voluntary Sector Company: 

Donations from the community via our online platform will contribute towards

welcome packs which include:

bedding, towels, kitchen utensils, etc per person.  Our aim is to empower our citizens by providing them with the means to live semi-independently.


Our organization was set up to benefit people within the criminal justice system who may need stable housing and financial stability. 

Donate Today to make a difference.

We can't want it more than you!

  • Do you have cleaners?
    Yes, but service users are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, a cleaning rota is also put in for each room, this is to make sure that our properties are kept clean at all times.
  • Do the bedrooms have en-suite?
    New Ethos House, has 3 communal bathrooms 203 Radford rd has an en-suite in each room.
  • Who will I be sharing with?
    We match our housemates, to make sure there is balance witihin our properties. All properties accommodate men between the ages of 21-50.
  • Can I have visitors?
    Yes upto 2 visitors in 1 day.
  • Is there a fridge provided in the bedroom?
    No, we have multiple fridges in the communal kitchens, although as long as you have permission and the applicance has been pac tested you could bring your own small under counter fridge for your bedroom.
  • Is food provided?
    We collection surplus food donations from the major superstores and food outlets which include, Sainsburys, Aldi, Lidl, Nando's, Kentucky and tesco's. The collections are placed in the communal kitchens for the service user to themselves to. All service users are adviced to make sure that they bugdet their income for a weekly or monthly food shop.
  • What kind of support is on offer?
    We have an open door policy, which means that the office is accessible during office open our, we prove at least 3 hours of 1-1 support, which can include, registering with the local gp/dentist, benift applications and enquiries etc.
  • Do I need I.D?
    Yes, Passport Proof of income (Letter from DWP, a recent Universal credit payment) Driving License Birth Certificate Bank/Building society statement HOme office documents
  • What are the houses Like?
    Our houses are spacious, clean, and well maintained, each property has its own cleaning rota with a week of cleaning designated to each room per property. New Ethos House is an 8 bed with communal ktchen, 3 communal bathrooms, communal living room, and 2 smoking areas situated at the back of the property. Sandra House is split across 4 properties, all with communal bathrooms.
  • Do you provide cutlery?
    Yes we do, although most service user tend to bring their own.
  • When can I move in?
    Once you have had your initial meeting and you have accepted the room on offer, you will be handed your keys to the property as long as we have a room available.
  • When can i start my home link application?
    Once you have lived at New Ehthos nottingham for at 3 months we can then start th process of application along with your move on plan.
  • Can visitors stay over?
    No, all visitors have to leave by 10pm.
  • Whats the minimum age to move in?
    Our criteria states that we can accommodate from the age of 21-50 years.
  • Are there any house rules?
    Yes, we are a dry house and have a zero tolerence which means no alcohol, no drugs to be consumed, bought, or sold at the property.
  • How do I get accommodation with New Ethos Nottingham?
    To be considered you must have a key worker, support worker, or probation officer from an organisation that offers you support to complete your refferal with or for you, Once we receive your application will go over it to make sure that you meet our criteria, we will then go ahead and invite you in for a chat, show you around the property which has availability, make sure that we are a fit for each other and then start the move in process.
  • How much is the service charge?
    New Ethos House £17.96 Sandra House £21.20 Consetta House £21.20
  • How long can I stay for?
    A minimum of 3 months, once this threshold is reached an applicaton to homelink along with a move on will be made.
  • Is there a TV?
    All rooms have a t.v provided, there is also a T.V. in the communal areas.
  • Do we provide bedding?
    Yes it is provided for you although most of our service users wish to bring in their own.
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