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A Day of Family Bonds and Social Enterprise: Shai and Jordan's Inspiring Journey to UNLTD's Event

Picture of London skyscrapers
Picture of London skyscrapers

A Day of Family Bonds and Social Enterprise: Shai and Jordan's Inspiring Journey to UNLTD's


In the heart of Nottingham, Shai, a passionate director at New Ethos Nottingham, set off on a memorable adventure to London. This trip was more than just a professional endeavor; it was a family affair, a blend of personal and professional worlds. Her goal was to attend the esteemed social event by UNLTD, a platform championing social entrepreneurs, where New Ethos Nottingham has been notably successful, winning awards thrice for its commendable work in housing and supporting male ex-offenders aged 21-50.

Picture of Shai at platform 6and 3 quarters
London Kings Cross

Arriving in London at 1:15 PM, Shai was warmly welcomed by her father. Their day together was a delightful prelude to the evening's main event, starting with a bus ride over the Thames to Elephant and Castle. They explored the vibrant Elephant Square, a symbol of urban transformation and resilience.

Their journey was peppered with rich experiences, from savoring soul-warming Jamaican chicken soup to wandering the culturally rich Brick Lane. These moments were not just about sightseeing; they were threads weaving the fabric of their relationship stronger.

As the evening drew near, a change in plans occurred. Shai's father had to leave, but this departure made way for another special guest - Shai's daughter, Jordan. Her arrival at the UNLTD event added a new layer of joy and energy to the experience.

The event, held at the artistic heart of London in Rich Mix, was a spectacle of inspiration and collaboration.

As one of the early attendees, Shai, now joined by Jordan, was greeted with enthusiastic smiles, delightful nibbles, and drinks. The atmosphere was electric, charged with the potential of new connections and ideas.

The evening's activities were a highlight, especially the Afro/Bolly fit session, where Shai and Jordan found themselves immersed in the vibrant fusion of African and Bollywood dance styles. This moment was not just about fitness; it was a celebration of cultural diversity, bringing together social entrepreneurs in a joyful, unifying experience.

As they danced, laughed, and connected with fellow social entrepreneurs, Shai and Jordan felt a profound sense of community and purpose. This event was more than a social gathering; it was a testament to the power of social entrepreneurship in fostering change and bringing people together.

Bolly fit presentation
Bolly fit presentation

As they departed, the memories of the day, now vividly etched in their hearts, were not just of the places they visited or the event they attended. They were memories of a day spent with family, of bonds strengthened, and of the inspiring world of social entrepreneurship that New Ethos Nottingham is a proud part of.

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The journey back to Nottingham was filled with reflections on the day's events and the anticipation of the future. The support from UNLTD had been crucial in New Ethos Nottingham's journey, enabling them to make a significant impact in their community. As Shai looked at Jordan, she knew that these experiences were shaping the next generation of changemakers, inspired by family, community, and the relentless pursuit of social good.

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