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We have been Shortlisted!! fingers and toes are crossed

New Ethos Nottingham applied for funding with UnLtd earlier this year in pursuit of replacing our equipment.

Here's a little bit about UnLtd;

"UnLtd finds funds and supports social entrepreneurs - enterprising people with solutions that change our society for the better. They were formed in 2002 by seven organisations that believed that social entrepreneurs had a much bigger contribution to make to our economy and society. They were among the first to back individuals with their own ideas to create social good". (Taken from UnLtd's online platform)

The 25th of November was a very important date for us, as we prepared ourselves for a panel of 4 professionals which include 2 UnLtd staff Alex Phillips a social support manager based in the West Midlands and working across the North of England and Thomas McAlister a Social Entrepreneur support manager at UnLtd Scotland; 2 former award winners Veronica Gordon founded the social enterprise Our Vision Media CIC and Wayne Ingram co-founder of the SAMEE Charity after making it to stage 5. To us, this felt like Dragons' Den we were both excited and nervous but confident that we would get our message across and tick all the boxes.

We were given 5 minutes to present New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC to which we had a choice to do a tour or a talk, we prepared a digital presentation; with the relevant information about our CIC which included what we plan to do with the funding award, not forgetting our plans for the future. One of our immediate plans is to replace the T.V that was stolen earlier this year and to replace the fire door which was damaged in the process. We would also like to fund expenses for 2 volunteers.

With that being said once the presentation was over we had 25-30 minutes of questions asked in regards to our position in the community and how we work with ex-offenders.

UnLtd were very impressed with our pitch which had us grinning from ear to ear, now all we have to do is wait for the final decision. We find out in just a few days the 17th December to be exact keep your fingers and your toes crossed whilst we wait for the results.

We will keep you posted.

Thank you for reading, please share with someone or an organisation you feel will benefit from this blog post.

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