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Celebrating Success at New Ethos Nottingham: Empowering Change for a Brighter Future

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Celebrating Success at New Ethos Nottingham: Empowering Change for a Brighter Future

Since 2021, New Ethos Nottingham has been a beacon of hope and transformation for many individuals. We are thrilled to share the remarkable progress and successes of our service users, many of whom have chosen to turn their lives around with our support.

Transformative Impact in Numbers

Since we began, we have welcomed a total of 87 individuals into our housing services. We are proud to announce that 54 of them have moved on from our services, marking a significant transition in their lives. More impressively, 16 of these individuals have successfuly completed their prison license conditions for the first time and finished their probation orders.

Here’s a closer look at our success rates:

  • 62.1% of our residents have transitioned out of our housing services.

  • 18.4% have successfuly completed their probation conditions, marking a significant milestone in their journey to rehabilitation.

Steps to Successful Transition

The journey from prison to independent living is complex and requires structured support and guidance. Here are the key steps we follow to help our service users achieve this transformation:

  1. Transition to Temporary Accommodation: Upon release, individuals move into our temporary accommodation, providing a stable and supportive environment to start their rehabilitation journey.

  2. Maintaining Compliance with License Conditions: While residing in our accommodation, service users are supported to comply with their prison license conditions. This includes regular check-ins, participating in rehabilitation programs, and staying in touch with the criminal justice system.

  3. Support and Guidance: Our team offers continuous support, including signposting to counseling services, life skills training, and assistance with job searches. This holistic approach ensures that individuals are equipped with the tools they need to succeed.

  4. Completion of License Conditions: Successfully adhering to the conditions of their license is a significant milestone. This achievement is celebrated and marks the end of their formal supervision.

  5. Transition to Independent Living: With the license conditions behind them, service users are supported in transitioning to independent living. This step involves finding permanent housing, securing employment, and integrating into the community.

Stories of Change and Empowerment

What makes these numbers truly significant are the stories behind them. Many of our service users have been prolific offenders in the past. However, since being at New Ethos Nottingham, they have made the courageous decision to abstain from previous behaviors and embrace positive change. This transformation is not only a testament to their resilience and determination but also highlights the supportive environment we strive to create.

Proud Moments

Our service users are incredibly proud of their achievements, and we share in their pride. The journey from past behaviors to a future filled with promise is never easy, but with the right support and opportunities, it is possible. At New Ethos Nottingham, we believe in the potential of every individual to change and thrive.

Join Us in Our Mission

We are committed to continuing our mission of empowering individuals to change their lives for the better. If you want to learn more about our work or support our cause, please visit our website at New Ethos Nottingham.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. Together, we can #empowerchancetochange.

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