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Keeping Busy and Active: Ideas for Male Service Users at New Ethos Nottingham Housing

Water feature and council house
Nottinghams Market Square

Keeping Busy and Active: Ideas for Male Service Users at New Ethos Nottingham Housing

At New Ethos Nottingham, we understand the importance of staying busy and active to maintain a positive path after leaving the criminal justice system. Here are some great ways to engage and make the most of your time:

Explore Local Attractions

Nottingham offers numerous attractions to explore, which can provide both entertainment and education:

  1. Nottingham Castle: Discover the history of Nottingham and enjoy stunning views of the city.

  2. Wollaton Hall and Deer Park: Visit this beautiful park and historical house, ideal for a relaxing day out.

  3. The City of Caves: Take a guided tour through Nottingham's hidden underground network of caves.

Start a New Hobby

Bag of fresh vegetables

Hobbies are a fantastic way to develop new skills and meet new people:

  1. Gardening: Join a local community garden or start your own small garden. Groundwork Greater Nottingham offers opportunities to get involved in environmental projects.

  2. Fitness and Sports: Stay active by joining a local gym, participating in sports teams, or attending fitness classes. Many local facilities offer discounted rates or free sessions for residents.

  3. Creative Arts: Engage in painting, drawing, or crafting. Local community centers often offer workshops and classes to get you started.

Volunteer and Connect

Volunteering not only helps others but can also be incredibly rewarding and a great way to build connections:

  1. Groundwork Greater Nottingham: This charity provides various volunteer opportunities, including environmental projects and community support.

  2. Local Food Banks and Shelters: Offer your time to help those in need and connect with like-minded individuals.

Educational Opportunities

Continuing your education or learning new skills can open up new pathways for your future:

  1. Libraries: Utilize local libraries to access free resources, including books, courses, and internet access.

  2. Workshops and Training Programs: Look for workshops on job skills, personal development, and other interests. Many organizations in Nottingham offer free or low-cost programs.

Stay Connected with New Ethos

Keep in touch with the New Ethos Nottingham team for ongoing support, updates on local events, and additional resources to help you stay on a positive path.

By exploring these activities and staying engaged, you can make the most of your time and continue to build a bright and successful future. For more ideas and support, visit our website.

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