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B & Q Now partner with New Ethos Nottingham a local hostel in the community.

Welcome to life at NEN our very own blogging platform where we can share the ups and the downs of the Non for profit industry and our very own socal impact to the community.

New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC is a hostel located in Nottingham UK home to males between 21-50 who are intouch with the judicial system.

If you have been following our progress you may already known that we partner with many different organsiations via Neighbourly and fareshare to receive their surplus produce and products ranging from surplus food, to hygiene products and now just recently to decorating materials.

Lloyd Whitely collecting the surplus decorating materials

Decorating materials would have gone to landfill

B & Q have donated the materials that would have been going to landfill, this is part of their B & Q foundation which has been supporting charities. We will use the decorating materials to decorate our second Hostel that will be opening in as early part of 2023.

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