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Our Social Impact

As you may know, we receive regular food donations for our housemates which include, bread, eggs, chicken, pizza, fruits, vegetables, juices, cereal, and much much more. They receive donations on a weekly basis which has made an enormous impact, (especially since the decrease in benefits and the current state of the economy) in their lives.

Today we signed into our accounts with Neighbourly and to our surprise when we looked at our social impact it was much larger than we ever expected.

Social Impact

8,282 Meals received 0.2 tonnes of products received 12.6 tonnes CO2 saved

The companies that have supported us with these results are:

Aldi Daybrook and Daleside Road

Getir Radford

Pret A Manger



With the above companies, we have been able to make sure that our housemates are fed and further away from poverty and hunger, they have also been able to share meal times with their family and friends.

Please share with someone that you think will benefit from the information in blog post.

Want to donate to us? you can do this via our store, we try to do things a little different, you will have something to remember us by.

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