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New Ethos Nottingham: Celebrating Sustainability and Community with Fareshare and Tesco’s Surplus Food Donations

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Surplus Food Donations

Hello lovely readers!

I’m thrilled to share some fantastic news from New Ethos Nottingham! Running this hostel has been a dream come true, and today, I want to highlight a milestone that showcases our commitment to sustainability and supporting those in need.

Thanks to our incredible partnership with Fareshare, and with the generous contributions from Tesco stores at Nottingham Canning Circus and Mansfield, we’ve achieved something truly remarkable. Over the past months, we’ve collected an astounding 1148 food donations! This translates to a whopping 63,542 meals, weighing 26,687 kgs, and significantly reducing our carbon footprint by 61,635 kgs of CO2e.

Fareshare is an amazing organization that fights hunger and food waste by redistributing surplus food to charities and community groups like ours. Their dedication ensures that good food goes to those who need it most, instead of ending up as waste. Tesco, committed to reducing food waste and supporting communities, has been a pivotal partner in this initiative. Their ongoing efforts to donate surplus food have been instrumental in our success.

This accomplishment isn't just about numbers; it's about the lives we've touched and the smiles we've brought to our community. Each meal provided represents hope, nourishment, and a step towards a brighter future. Our collaboration with Tesco and Fareshare embodies the spirit of unity and the collective effort required to make a tangible difference.

At New Ethos, we’re more than just a hostel. We are a beacon of positivity, sustainability, and community spirit. This achievement fuels our passion and determination to continue making a meaningful impact. Thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey – from our dedicated team to our generous donors. Together, we’re building a new ethos of care and compassion in Nottingham.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events. Let’s keep spreading the love and making a difference, one meal at a time!

With gratitude and warmth,

Team New Ethos Nottingham

Feel free to visit our website for more information and to see how you can get involved: New Ethos Nottingham

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