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We cant want it more than you!

Some times here at New Ethos Nottingham we try not to get disheartened when a house mate (Citizen residing at NEN) lack in motivation/confidence even after months of support. Here's the thing everyone has their own issues that they are dealing with, also Rome wasn't built in a day which leads us to our slogan "We cant want it more than You!" which is what inspired this poster for our service users and any one reading this post.

This is how we communicate with our house mates:

We will identify the tiny steps in the bigger picture

We will motivate with positivity not negativity

We will prioritize their process over their results

We encourage them to reward themselves

We always give praise for hard work and determination

But when it comes down to it with our house mates "We can't want it more than you!" we will always meet you at least half way but you have to want it. That statement is for almost everything in life.

Just a quick blog for your Monday morning, thank you for reading, please share with someone that you feel will benefit from our information.

P.S We have a unique way of donating to us and that is via our online store, please check it out below.

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