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Need to refer to us? We have a couple of ways to do this. All applicants must be within the judicial system which means they will have a probation officer or support worker.

We work alongside Public Sector Services such as:​

​Probation and Prison Services, Health Services, Local Authorities, Transitions housing solutions, Framework HA; with future plans to work with other charities, CIC's and the private Sector

Our specified accommodation services cover a combination of Complex needs which include:

Support/supervision with Substance misuse

Homelessness, support/supervision With offending behavior

-Low Need Mental Health

-21-50 years


-Resettlement into Independent living

-Help with accessing and application of Universal Credit and benefits

-Assistance with training and work opportunities

Complete a referral form online at or call 01159169440 & 07506693967 a risk assessment is a must.

We have a great way of excepting donations and that is via our online store. Please visit it here STORE OR GO STRAIGHT TO OUR UNISEX HOODIES, they come in a variety of colours and are made with organic cotton.

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