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Need Help and Advice?

We have had numerous people contact us in regards to housing and homelessness; unfortunately we are not able to help everyone. The local councils across the UK are expecting a surge in homelessness in the months ahead due to the cost of living crisis. We are bracing ourselves for repossessions, and evictions as the cost of living rises to obscene levels and households struggle to survive.

Not forgetting the loss of an increase of £20 universal credit and its contribution to homelessness to add to the mix.

This crisis has got us thinking; "How can we help?" in regards to providing supported accommodation to male ex-offenders aged between 20-50 and in touch with the judicial system; we can only help 8 at present due to the fact that New Ethos House is just an 8 bed. We are looking into taking control of another property in the near future which will increase our capacity by 11 (fingers crossed) the only other way we can help is by pointing citizens in the right direction towards help and assistance. With that being said we have set up a HELP AND ADVICE directory page.

We will add to our help and advice directory page as and when we get new contacts and information regarding, housing, homeless, food donations, substance misuse and mental health. etc

Please note that this is just for the Nottingham City area at present. we again will expand the information periodically over time.

Our criteria below.

  • Be eligible for benefits

  • Male

  • In need of supported housing

  • Low substance misuse

  • Low to medium risk

  • Homeless, facing homelessness or in touch with the judicial system.

If you or someone you know would like to refer please get in touch with your keyworker or probation worker so that they can do the referral into us for you.

Want to donate to New Ethos Nottingham? we have a creative way to support and its via our merch and apparel store.

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