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We have now partnered with NANDO's " No Chuckin No Chicken"

Today New Ethos Nottingham 2 CIC have Teamed up with Nando's; Waste initiative to ensure 'No Chuckin our Chicken” The Guys at New Ethos House are over moon as this will allow them to start to eat healthy on a regular basis. #nochuckinchicken #nandos

Nando's Restaurants Nottingham " No Chuckin Chicken"

Nando's restaurants Nottingham "No Chuckin Chicken"

Our freezers are almost bursting at the seems with Nando's chicken and other surplus foods for our service users.

With a little persuasion we got a few sachets of Peri-Peri sauce.

Massive thankyou to Nando's Netherfield in Nottingham for our weekly collections.


Our smoke detectors and fire alarms have all been tested, technology nowadays who would have thought that there was a mini smoke machine to test the smoke alarms with.

New shower curtains for all the shower bathrooms put in last week, not a very easy task those white plastic hooks are fiddly. Shai (photographer) just watched and handed a hook when needed. The housemates are loving the shower curtains.

We have made so many great collaborations in this past year and Lidl is one of them we had a pretty big collection of surplus food from them. New ethos house is well stocked up with surplus foods for our house mates, if they want they can go shopping at the local Asda its entirely up to them as we have enough to tide them over.

Time to pack away the shopping... our housemates will organize the surplus food and place them in the cupboards, fridge/freezer. Ready for when they want it.

With the funding from #unltd we purchased a brand new dryer, this will make life even easier at New ethos house as we used to have a bit of queue due to only having the 1 washer dryer for 8 housemates.

Once everyone gets used to the functionality of the dryer we will be good to go.

Just wanted to remind you that we won the funding award from #unltd and we are still very pleased as this has helped us to make a number of enhancements at New Ethos House. Stay tuned to our weekly bloggs.

Thank you for reading please share our blog post with an organisation or someone you feel will benefit from our weekly updates.

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