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Empowering Change Through Essential Hygiene: A Donation Story

Lloyd collection The Hygiene Bank donation

Lloyd Whitley collecting the donations from The Hygiene Bank

Amid the bustling streets of Nottingham New Ethos Nottingham (NEN) emerges as a sanctuary for men aged 25-50 entwined with the criminal justice system. We don't just offer a roof over their heads but a stepping stone towards rebuilding their lives through semi-independent living & supported accommodation. The recent generous donation from The Hygiene Bank has brought an unprecedented opportunity to further uplift the spirits and dignity of the men we serve, embodying our ethos: "Empower chance to change."

The Moment of Surprise:

The journey of this incredible donation began with a phone call that would mark the start of a remarkable chapter for NEN. Lloyd, co-founder, was greeted by the heartwarming news from Charmaine Baines of The Hygiene Bank, revealing a donation earmarked for the resilient men at NEN. This was not just any donation; it was a treasure trove of male cosmetics and body hygiene products, essentials that promise not only to cater to their basic needs but also to infuse a sense of normalcy and self-care into their daily routines. The sheer size and thoughtfulness of the donation left Lloyd astounded, eager to share the bounty with the housemates across all NEN sites.

The Impact of Hygiene on Self-Esteem and Opportunities:

In the lives of those we serve, basic hygiene products are often viewed as luxuries out of reach. The importance of such a donation extends far beyond the physical benefits of cleanliness. Hygiene is a fundamental aspect of self-esteem and health, serving as a critical pillar in the rehabilitation and reintegration process. It fosters a sense of pride and self-respect, enabling our residents to face the world with renewed confidence and dignity. This donation, therefore, is not just about providing products but about sending a powerful message of care, support, and belief in their potential for change.

How This Donation Complements Our Services:

NEN's mission transcends providing temporary shelter; it aims to empower, rehabilitate, and reintegrate individuals back into society as confident and self-sufficient individuals. Our services, including semi-independent living, supported accommodation, hostels, and temporary housing, are designed to address the comprehensive needs of our residents, from physical to emotional well-being. The donation from The Hygiene Bank perfectly aligns with our holistic approach, underscoring the importance of personal care in the journey towards independence and self-improvement.

Service user with donations
One of our Service users with his donation

About The Hygiene Bank

The Hygiene bank logo
The Hygiene Bank

The Hygiene Bank, a beacon of compassion and action against hygiene poverty in the UK, operates on the fundamental belief that basic hygiene is a right, not a privilege. This registered charity (England and Wales number: 1181267 and Scotland: SC049895) envisions a future where everyone in the UK has access to essential hygiene products, ensuring no one is held back from participating in society due to a lack of access to these necessities​​​​.

Hygiene poverty, a hidden crisis, can deeply affect individuals' confidence, self-esteem, and opportunities, leading to social exclusion and impacting areas of life like work, school, and relationships. The Hygiene Bank stands against this injustice by fostering well-being and challenging the circumstances that lead to such poverty. By raising awareness and driving meaningful change, they aim to build stronger, more resilient communities​​.

Their impactful work in 2022, detailed in their Impact Report, highlights major milestones including the distribution of over 1,000 tonnes of basic hygiene products, the publication of the UK’s first national research into hygiene poverty, and significant growth in their network of local projects, volunteers, and brand partners. This underscores their commitment to tackling hygiene poverty head-on, with the hope of one day ceasing to be needed as a testament to their success in this vital mission​​.

Service user holding his donation
Another happy service user with donation

One of our service users with their donation

The Hygiene Bank operates through a community-driven approach, bringing together communities, businesses, and thought leaders to address hygiene poverty. Their efforts are not just about providing products but also being a voice for change, advocating for those in crisis, and ensuring dignity and care are accessible to all. Through their work, they embody the values of compassion, community, and the pursuit of justice, making a tangible difference in the lives of those they serve.

For more information and to support The Hygiene Bank's mission, visit The Hygiene Bank.

Just a glimpse of what our service users were donated.

The collaboration between New Ethos Nottingham (NEN) and The Hygiene Bank significantly enhances the support system for our service users, providing them with much more than just accommodation and basic necessities. For individuals who have faced challenges, including those associated with homelessness and the criminal justice system, the access to hygiene products represents a pivotal step towards dignity, self-respect, and societal reintegration. It’s a gesture that goes beyond the physical, touching lives on a deeply personal level, fostering a sense of normalcy, confidence, and well-being that many have not felt in a long time.

This partnership directly benefits our service users by removing one of the fundamental barriers to social inclusion and employment opportunities. The availability of hygiene products, often taken for granted, can significantly impact a person's ability to participate in interviews, training, and other social activities, essential for their journey towards independence and self-sufficiency. For NEN, this collaboration aligns perfectly with our ethos of "Empower change to change," amplifying our efforts to provide holistic support that encompasses not only shelter but also the means to build a new life with dignity.

Bags from The Hygiene Bank
The Hygiene bank Products donations

The Hygiene Banks donation to New Ethos Nottingham Housing

By addressing hygiene poverty head-on, this initiative enriches our service offerings, making a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. It highlights the importance of community partnerships in building a more inclusive society, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

We are deeply grateful for the generosity of The Hygiene Bank and all those who support our vision of offering a second chance to those in need. This story of kindness and community spirit is a powerful reminder of the impact we can achieve together. We invite our readers to join our journey by subscribing to our mailing list at New Ethos Nottingham and sharing our story with individuals and organizations who can benefit from or contribute to our cause. Together, we can continue to empower change and offer new beginnings to many more in need.

Every item in this significant donation carries with it a story of hope and the promise of a new beginning. At New Ethos Nottingham, we are honored to be a part of these stories, creating a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. Our commitment to "empower chance to change" goes beyond words; it is reflected in our actions, our services, and the lives transformed through our efforts. Together, with the support of The Hygiene Bank and our community, we are weaving a stronger fabric of society, where dignity, respect, and the opportunity for change are accessible to all.

Please share our blog post with the people that you feel will benefit from the information.

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