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Embracing a Sober Lifestyle at New Ethos Nottingham's Dry Houses

Man embracing a sober life
Embracing a sober life

Embracing a Sober Lifestyle at New Ethos Nottingham's Dry Houses

In the heart of Nottingham, New Ethos Nottingham Housing (NEN) offers a unique and transformative living experience for male ex-offenders seeking a fresh start. At NEN, our properties aren't just buildings; they're sanctuaries for rehabilitation and personal growth. Central to our ethos is the concept of 'Dry House' living – a policy that we uphold with zero tolerance and unwavering commitment.

What is a Dry House?

A Dry House is more than just a term; it's a way of life. In these spaces, we strictly prohibit the consumption, purchase, or sale of alcohol and drugs. This includes not only traditional substances but also extends to cannabinoids, mushrooms, and any products that might negatively alter the mind or body. Our goal is to create a safe, stable, and supportive environment where our residents can focus on rebuilding their lives, free from the influences that may have hindered their progress in the past.

Freshly sprayed bedroom at Sandra house
Refurbished bedroom at Sandra House

Why a Dry House?

Our decision to make all NEN properties Dry Houses is rooted in our dedication to providing a supportive and healthy environment for our residents. We understand that overcoming addiction and past challenges is a critical step towards successful reintegration into society. By removing temptations and potential triggers, we create a space conducive to recovery and personal development.

Zero Tolerance Policy

At NEN, our zero-tolerance policy is non-negotiable. It's a cornerstone of our commitment to our residents' well-being. This policy means no alcohol, no drugs, and no mind-altering substances of any kind. We believe that strict adherence to this policy is essential for fostering a safe and positive community for everyone in our care.

No drug use
No drug use

Life at New Ethos Nottingham Housing

To understand the full impact of our approach, we invite you to visit our dedicated page: Life at NEN. Here, you'll find insights into the daily experiences of our residents, the life skills they acquire, and the supportive environment we provide. It's a testament to the transformative journey our residents embark upon, guided by our principles and support.

Our Key Focus Areas

NEN specializes in providing temporary accommodation and semi-independent living options in Nottingham. We are committed to supporting male ex-offenders, helping them acquire essential life skills, and preparing them for a brighter, more stable future. Our properties, including the notable Sandra House and New Ethos House, are more than just hostels – they are stepping stones to a new life.

Connecting with Us

For more information about our mission, facilities, and the ethos that drives us, please visit our website: New Ethos Nottingham. Here, you'll find comprehensive details about our programs, policies, and the impact we're making in the community.

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