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Some finger lickin good news for you!

We have some finger-lickin' good news for you! We are thrilled to announce that we have partnered with Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) to receive regular donations of frozen fried chicken for our in-house hostel food bank. Yes, you read that right: frozen fried chicken!

You might be wondering how this came about. Well, it all started when we contacted fare share / KFC to ask if they had any surplus food that they could donate to us. We were expecting some chicken nuggets, maybe some coleslaw, but we were pleasantly surprised when they offered us a whole truckload of frozen fried chicken. Apparently, they had a lot of excess stock due to the pandemic and they wanted to help us out.

We were overjoyed and grateful for their generosity, but we also had some questions. How would we store the frozen fried chicken? How would we thaw it and reheat it safely? How would we distribute it to our clients? And most importantly, how would it taste?

We decided to do some research and experimentation to find out. We learned that frozen fried chicken can last up to six months in the freezer, as long as it is wrapped properly and kept at a constant temperature. We also learned that the best way to thaw and reheat it is in the oven, not in the microwave. This way, the chicken stays crispy and juicy, just like when it was freshly fried.

We also did some taste tests with our staff and volunteers, and we were pleasantly surprised by the results. The frozen fried chicken was delicious! It had a crunchy coating, tender meat, and a savory flavor. It was almost as good as fresh KFC, if not better. We couldn't believe it!

We decided to share this amazing discovery with our clients, who were equally delighted and impressed. They loved the frozen fried chicken and appreciated having a different option from the usually canned goods and dry staples. They also enjoyed having a treat that reminded them of happier times before the pandemic.

We are so grateful to KFC for their generous donation and for making our clients happy. We are also grateful to Neighborly and FareShare for connecting us with KFC and facilitating the logistics of the donation. Without them, this wouldn't have happened.

We hope to continue this partnership with Fare share/KFC and receive more frozen fried chicken in the future. We also hope to inspire other hostels and restaurants to collaborate and find creative ways to reduce food waste and feed hungry people.

Thank you for reading our blog post and for supporting our hostel. If you want to help us out, you can donate money or food items through our website or visit us in person. And if you want to try some frozen fried chicken yourself, you can order online from KFC or visit your nearest branch.

Until next time, stay safe and stay hungry!

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