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New Ethos Nottingham and HMP Nottingham Video Shoot Collaboration: Now on YouTube and Nottingham TV!

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Supported Living Q&A

New Ethos Nottingham and HMP Nottingham Video Shoot Collaboration: Now on YouTube and Nottingham TV!

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our latest collaboration with HMP Nottingham. We've had the incredible opportunity to create a Q&A video that details the entire process of transitioning from prison to New Ethos Nottingham. This informative video, available on YouTube, will be played all day on Nottingham TV, HMP Nottingham's own TV channel, and eventually across prisons in the UK.

Behind the Scenes: Our Journey

The experience of creating this video was nothing short of amazing. Initially, we were a bit nervous, but once the cameras started rolling, we quickly found our stride. The bright lights and the set might have been intimidating at first, but our familiarity with the topic made the Q&A process smooth and enjoyable. Answering the questions posed by Rebecca (HMP Nottingham) felt natural as we delved into the details of our services, from assisting with DWP contacts to helping residents register with local GPs.

Joshua (HMP Nottingham) did a fantastic job with recording and editing, ensuring that the final product was polished and professional. His expertise behind the camera brought our vision to life, making the video both engaging and informative.

The Content: What You Can Expect

In the video, we cover several critical aspects of our process:

  • Transition from Prison to New Ethos: Step-by-step guidance on what to expect.

  • Move-In Process: Detailed information on the initial stages of moving into our housing.

  • Support Services: How we assist with contacting DWP and registering with a GP.

  • Open Door Policy: Our commitment to being available for our residents at all times.

Our Commitment to "Empower Chance to Change"

This collaboration with HMP Nottingham brings us closer to our goals as a Community Interest Company (CIC). We are dedicated to empowering individuals to change their lives for the better, providing them with the support and resources they need to succeed. This video serves as a valuable resource for keyworkers, probation workers, and prisoners, offering a head start in finding suitable accommodation and support.

Join Us on Our Journey

We invite you to watch the video, like, comment, subscribe, and share it to spread the word about our services. Additionally, subscribe to our blog for the latest updates and insights from New Ethos Nottingham.

Together, we can empower change and support those on their journey to a brighter future.

Watch the video here: YouTube Video

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your continued support!


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