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Another collection from Aldi

Good afternoon, thank you for watching our video, we are pleased to say that we have had another donation from Aldi’s surplus food, which we will now be collecting on a regular basis, which is good news for our housemates.

We have a designated cupboard in our communal kitchen just for the surplus food donations where the housemates can pick out what food they want out to drive to get this up and running came into play when the government announced that they will be cutting benefits by £20 this would have an enormous impact on our service user’s who potentially wouldn’t be able to afford to buy food.

Here’s a quick back story about us;

As part of our obligations is to provide support and supervision we also go above and beyond to liaise with various suppliers to donate any surplus food.

We have had the opportunity to partner with Himmah which is a local food bank, since opening they have supplied us with food on move-in for our service users. We have also partnered with other organisations.

check them out here

Thank you for reading and watching, please share our post with people you think will benefit from our information.

Shai Sekhmet

New Ethos Nottingham

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