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We wish all news was good news

Good afternoon NEN subscribers, like the title says "we wish all news was good news" but unfortunately this time it's not.

Image of stolen TV from the communal lounge.

Our TV was stolen from the communal lounge by one of our service users; he is no longer residing at NEN as you can understand. Let me give you an idea of how we work, NEN has license agreements in place for our service users, which means that there are some conditions that they have to adhere to when they live in our specified/supervised accommodation. For example service users have to attend at least 1 key-work session per week, they must not stay away for more than 3 nights without informing, rooms and communal areas need to be kept clean, etc for details go to our life at NEN page below.

Our service users are ex-offenders and can be on curfew which means they have to be present every night. This service user in particular continually broke his license conditions and curfew so he was recalled by probation. As a result, we had to end his license agreement so that we could offer his room to someone who genuinely needed it. His license agreement ended on the 4th of October 2021.

On 5th October 2021 the service user residing at NEN and two accomplices broke into New Ethos House and stole the TV from the communal lounge, in doing so he smashed the fire door and damaged the wall the TV bracket was fastened to. The damage caused £350 for the replacement door and to replace the TV £900.

Image of damaged communal lounge door.

The impact of this burglary

1. Emotionally: A service user suffers from anxiety, stress, sleeplessness as he has flashbacks of this happening again, he also requested a room change.

2. Social: this crime has had a major impact on the social lifestyle of the rest of the housemates due to the fact the tv is no longer there; the fact that these service users have very little in terms of personal belongings; the TV was a really appreciated and most of the service users used the TV has a calmness and a release from the stress they were exposed to.

3. Work: This affected NEN as we are a non-profit organisation, and we will have to replace the items from our own pockets as we are not eligible for any funding as yet due to only being in operation since April of this year.

The sad part is that we (New Ethos Nottingham) have set up this organisation to help vulnerable people like the service user who stole from us its unfortunate that it ended how it did, the main thing is that we gave him the chance to change.

At present we are looking for ways to fund getting a new T.V for New Ethos and its service user's so we are open to donations both monetary and gifts you can also shop from our store, we are proud to have a range of clothing and homeware; all surplus funds go to NEN CIC.

Thank you for reading feel free to share this post, We will continue to give our service users support/supervision.

New Ethos Nottingham

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