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We are going to help an additional 11 people.

Here at New Ethos Nottingham, our aim is to empower chance to change, we do this by housing males between the ages of 21-50 who are in touch with the criminal justice system.

These citizens usually need some assistance towards a common goal which is independent living. We are the bridge between leaving prison and living independently. Whilst a service user is with us we will provide an open-door approach with key working sessions.

We have now done this for over a year and we have been at present at capacity....... up until now we have just had the go-ahead to take on additional 11 bedrooms which is amazing news, we can now support our local community and local authority by housing the people who could be made homeless if they haven't managed to secure the appropriate accommodation which meets all of their needs.

Please join our mailing list for updates on our up-and-coming project which we have called "Sandra House".

In the meantime go to our future projects and growth page here

Thank you for supporting us on our journey.

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