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Redefining Support: The Criteria for New Ethos Nottingham Housing


Shai Holding Service user handbook

Redefining Support: The Criteria for New Ethos Nottingham Housing

At New Ethos Nottingham, our housing criteria reflects our commitment to providing tailored support to individuals on their journey towards independence. We understand the diverse needs of our community, and our criteria are designed to ensure that we can offer effective support to those who need it most.

Who We Support

Our criteria include individuals who are:

  • In need of specified supported housing

  • Seeking temporary accommodation

  • Eligible for resources to funds

  • On Universal Credit or eligible for Housing Benefit

  • Hold settlement status

  • Aged between 21-50 years old

  • Willing to live in a hostel environment

  • Facing homelessness or are already homeless

  • Have a local connection to Nottingham

Our Approach to Substance Use

At New Ethos Nottingham, we do not encourage drug use or excessive alcohol consumption. Our criteria exclude individuals with a history of:

  • Class A drug use

  • Synthetic cannabinoids

  • High-risk behaviors related to substance use

Mental Health and Offender Status

We support individuals with:

  • Low to medium risk profiles

  • No significant mental health issues

  • No history of sex offenses or pedophilia

  • No charges for arson or prolific dwelling burglaries

Our Expectations for Service Users

We require that service users:

  • Have been clean from alcohol and drugs for at least 6 months

  • Are committed to maintaining sobriety while in our housing

  • Are willing to actively participate in our support programs and adhere to house rules

Our Housing Environment

At New Ethos Nottingham, all of our houses are dry houses, meaning that alcohol and drug use are strictly prohibited. We run a tight ship to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

Supporting Independence

Our present service users are on similar paths towards independent living. Through our tailored support programs, we empower individuals to develop the skills and confidence they need to transition to independent living successfully.

Join Us on the Journey

If you or someone you know meets our criteria and is seeking support on their journey towards independence, we encourage you to reach out to us. At New Ethos Nottingham, we're dedicated to providing compassionate, effective support to those who need it most. Together, let's redefine support and empower individuals to create brighter futures.

Contact us today to learn more about our housing services and support programs.

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