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New Ethos Nottingham Housing Empowers Inmates at HMP Drake Hall's First Employment and Housing Event

New Ethos Nottingham Housing is proud to have recently attended the inaugural Employment and Housing Event at HMP Drake Hall. This event was a significant step towards supporting incarcerated women in their transition to life outside prison walls. In this blog post, we will share our experience at the event, the impact it had on the women, and the partnerships forged to provide much-needed supported housing. Read on to discover how New Ethos Nottingham Housing is empowering individuals for a brighter future.

On 8/06/2023, Shai and Lloyd, Directors of New Ethos Nottingham Housing, had the privilege of representing NEN at HMP Drake Hall's groundbreaking event. Our primary objective was to connect with incarcerated women in need of supported housing upon their release. Here's an overview of our experience:

1. Introduction and Presentation:

We started by introducing ourselves to the women and other participating organisations. With a brief presentation, we highlighted the mission and vision of New Ethos Nottingham Housing, emphasizing our commitment to providing safe and supportive accommodation for those seeking a fresh start. The women were receptive and engaged, eager to explore the possibilities ahead.

2. Meaningful Conversations:

We had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with women who expressed their interest in accessing supported housing upon release. Engaging in these conversations allowed us to understand their unique needs, concerns, and aspirations. It was inspiring to witness their determination to rebuild their lives and make positive changes.

3. Tour of Facilities:

During the event, we were given a tour of HMP Drake Hall's main facilities, including the Halfords workshops, and DHL workshops. Witnessing the training opportunities and vocational programs provided to the women further reinforced our belief in the transformative power of education and skill-building.

  1. Salon Services: The prison's salon facilities go beyond conventional hairdressing, offering training in nails and beauty as well. These invaluable skills empower women with the ability to pursue careers in the beauty industry upon their release. The salon serves as a platform for them to enhance their self-esteem and develop marketable skills for their future endeavors.

  2. Culinary Arts: The presence of a cooking school within HMP Drake Hall is a testament to the dedication to equipping women with practical skills in the culinary arts. By providing training and hands-on experience in food preparation, the women can explore career opportunities in the hospitality industry, nurturing their passion for cooking and paving the way for successful reintegration into society.

  3. Barista Training: Another noteworthy aspect of HMP Drake Hall's facilities is the Costa Kitchen, where the women receive training in the art of being a barista. This specialised skill opens doors to employment opportunities within the thriving coffee industry. Equipped with expertise in crafting delicious beverages, the women can embark on a path that combines creativity and customer service, fostering independence and self-sufficiency.

4. Forging Partnerships:

We actively engaged with representatives from various organisations present at the event, fostering partnerships aimed at creating a comprehensive support system for the women upon their release. Collaboration with like-minded organisations strengthens our collective ability to provide employment opportunities, educational resources, and ongoing assistance with reintegration.

Attending HMP Drake Hall's first-ever Employment and Housing Event was an invaluable experience for New Ethos Nottingham Housing. It allowed us to directly connect with incarcerated women in need of supported housing, understand their specific requirements, and witness their determination to embrace positive change. The event not only strengthened our resolve to provide safe and supportive accommodation but also forged new partnerships to enhance our support network.

At New Ethos Nottingham Housing, we are committed to empowering individuals and offering a fresh start through comprehensive housing solutions. Together with our partners, we aim to provide ongoing support, education, and employment opportunities to facilitate successful reintegration into society.

If you or someone you know could benefit from our supported housing services, please visit our website New Ethos Nottingham Housing for more information or get in touch. Together, we can make a difference in rebuilding lives and creating brighter futures.

Check out HMP Drake halls Twitter here

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