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New Ethos Housing: Exciting Progress in Renovating Two 4-Bed Properties for Semi-Independent Living

New Ethos Housing
Renovating Two 4 Bed Properties for Semi-independet living

New Ethos Housing is thrilled to share an exciting update on our latest project. We are currently in the final stages of renovating two stunning 4-bedroom properties, which will serve as our move-on homes for individuals who are ready to embrace semi-independent living. This initiative aims to provide a supportive transition for those who have previously resided in New Ethos House or individuals seeking a step towards greater independence. With modern amenities, including en-suite facilities and fully-equipped kitchens with complimentary Wi-Fi, we anticipate completing this project by the first week of June.

New Ethos Housing
Exciting Progress in Renovating Two 4-Bed Properties for Semi-Independent Living

Offering Enhanced Semi-Independent Living with Newly Renovated Properties.

Supporting Transition and Independence at New Ethos Housing

New Ethos Housing is committed to empowering individuals on their journey toward independence. As part of this commitment, we are excited to announce the nearing completion of two impressive 4-bedroom properties designed specifically for those ready to embrace semi-independent living. These properties will serve as stepping stones, providing a supportive environment and fostering the development of essential life skills.

Modern Renovations for Comfort and Convenience

Our dedicated team has spared no effort in transforming these properties into comfortable, contemporary homes. Each room has been thoughtfully renovated, with a keen focus on creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. The addition of modern en-suite facilities ensures privacy and convenience, while the fully-equipped kitchens allow residents to prepare their meals and develop vital culinary skills.

Embracing Connectivity and Digital Inclusion

Understanding the importance of staying connected in today's digital age, we have made sure that the properties are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi. This not only facilitates communication and access to online resources but also encourages residents to develop digital literacy skills, helping them navigate an increasingly interconnected world.

Supporting Seamless Transition and Independence

Our move-on homes are specifically designated for individuals who have already resided in New Ethos House or for those ready to take the next step towards semi-independent living. By providing a supportive environment and personalized assistance, we aim to empower residents in their journey towards greater independence, equipping them with the necessary skills and confidence to thrive.

Looking Ahead: Project Completion and Future Impact

New Ethos Housing is eagerly anticipating the completion of this project by the first week of June. As we put the finishing touches on these properties, we are excited about the positive impact they will have on the lives of our service users. The move-on homes will serve as a bridge, enabling individuals to take significant strides towards their long-term goals and aspirations.


At New Ethos Housing, we are dedicated to supporting individuals on their path to independence. Our ongoing project to renovate two 4-bedroom properties for semi-independent living showcases our commitment to providing a seamless transition for our service users. With modern amenities, inclusive designs, and a focus on fostering essential life skills, we are confident that these move-on homes will empower individuals and facilitate their personal growth. As the project nears completion, we eagerly anticipate the positive impact it will have on the lives of those seeking a new chapter of independence with New Ethos Housing.


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