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MP NADIA WHITTOME came to New Ethos Nottingham for a full tour

We also had a special appearance from Councilor Merlita Bryan Sheriff of Nottingham 2021-2022.

Friday 22.07.22 was a very productive day for us here at New Ethos Nottingham, MP Nadia Whittome came to visit us to learn more about what we do and have a full guided tour of the property.

MP Nadia Whittome and her colleague Niamah were both very impressed with the work that we have done in such a short space of time with our service users, who are ex-offenders that need and want supported accommodation to give them the foundation that they need to successfully move onto independent living.

We raised our concerns about the difficulties prison leavers and ex-offenders face prior to and on their release. MP Nadia has said that she will raise our concerns in Parliament.

After much discussion with the team, Lloyd Whitely, Lesley Whitely, and Shai Sekhmet MP Nadia Whittome were taken on a guided tour of New Ethos House which is a lot bigger than it looks.

Councillor Merlita Bryan (Sheriff of Nottingham 2021-2022) also gave us a surprise visit to help us to raise awareness. All in all the day was fantastic as we had the chance to give them both an insight into what we do for and with our service users. One of our service users spoke to MP Nadia Whittome; it gave him a chance to express and talk about his experiences since leaving prison.

To get in contact with MP Nadia Whittome please go to

To get in contact with Councillor Merlita Bryan please go to and here

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