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Empowering Change: New Ethos Nottingham’s Collaboration with UnLtd

Empowering Change: New Ethos Nottingham’s Collaboration with UnLtd

At New Ethos Nottingham, we believe in the power of social entrepreneurship to drive meaningful change in communities. This commitment is vividly demonstrated through our volunteering with UnLtd, the leading provider of support for social entrepreneurs in the UK. UnLtd has been instrumental in nurturing enterprising individuals who are dedicated to solving societal issues with innovative solutions.

The Role of UnLtd in Social Entrepreneurship

UnLtd, established in 2002, is a charitable organization that offers crucial support to social entrepreneurs through funding, mentoring, and business support. The foundation focuses on breaking down barriers that these entrepreneurs face, helping them to scale their impact and realize their potential. UnLtd operates across the UK, providing a blend of direct support and collaboration with various partners to amplify their efforts in creating a thriving social enterprise landscape.

Lloyd's Volunteer Mentorship at UnLtd

Lloyd, the co-owner of New Ethos Nottingham Housing, has been volunteering with UnLtd for the past year, mentoring like-minded entrepreneurs on their journey to build and scale their social enterprises. His involvement highlights the synergy between New Ethos Nottingham's mission and UnLtd’s goals — both are deeply invested in fostering environments that encourage social change and innovation.

Through his mentorship, Lloyd has provided guidance and shared valuable insights from his own experiences in housing and social care, aiding entrepreneurs in navigating the complexities of starting and growing a business that aims to make a positive social impact.

Impact and Recognition

The impact of Lloyd’s volunteer work has been profound, not only with the entrepreneur he has mentored but also on the broader community. UnLtd recognizes the dedication of individuals like Lloyd, who contribute significantly to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In acknowledgment of his efforts, UnLtd recently sent a note of thanks to Lloyd, appreciating his commitment and the positive influence he has imparted.

This gesture of recognition is a testament to the meaningful connections and lasting impacts that are possible when experienced leaders share their knowledge and skills with upcoming innovators in the social sector.

Blog and Social Media Integration

This blog post serves not only to highlight the impactful work being done but also encourages others in the community to engage with or support social entrepreneurship. Readers are invited to learn more about UnLtd’s work through their website and to consider how they might contribute to or benefit from similar mentorship opportunities.

New Ethos Nottingham exemplifies how volunteering can effectively support and accelerate the growth of social enterprises, ultimately leading to a healthier, more resilient society.

For more details about UnLtd and its programs, please visit their official website.

New Ethos Nottingham and UnLtd underscores the powerful role of mentorship and collaborative support in advancing social entrepreneurship. Lloyd’s commitment as a volunteer mentor exemplifies the positive outcomes that are achievable when experienced professionals invest in the next generation of social leaders. This synergy not only fosters individual growth but also propels the collective mission of creating a better world through innovative social solutions.

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