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Discovering Accommodation Solutions: Empowering Lives for Service Users and Staff Alike

5 Bed Hostel
Concetta House

Discovering Accommodation Solutions: Empowering Lives for Service Users and Staff Alike


In the heart of our community lies the essence of support, hope, and a future reimagined—Concetta House and Sandra House stand as beacons of this mission. Our accommodations are not just buildings; they are homes, safe havens for those in transition, navigating the complexities of reintegration and stability. This blog post delves deep into the heart of our services, offering a guiding light for service users, residents, staff, and probation officers alike. Here, we unfold the fabric of our commitment to providing specified, supported, and temporary accommodation, tailored to meet the unique needs of our residents.

Eligibility Criteria: A Foundation for Support

Before we journey through the doors of Concetta House and Sandra House, it's crucial to understand the cornerstone of our accommodation services—the eligibility criteria. Designed with a focus on inclusivity and support, our criteria ensure that those most in need receive the help they deserve. Our doors are open to:

  • Individuals who are homeless or facing homelessness.

  • Those assessed as Low to Medium risk to themselves and others.

  • Individuals with Low Substance misuse, working towards recovery and have been in the community for at least 6 weeks drug and alcohol free. No synthetic canaboids, No class A drug use.

  • Men aged 25-50 years, in need of specified, supported, temporary accommodation.

  • Applicants must be eligible for benefits, ensuring financial support is attainable.

  • A requirement for a Local Connection, fostering community support and integration.

  • Engagement with the criminal justice system, aiming for a path towards rehabilitation and stability.

Concetta House: A Closer Look

As we step into Concetta House, we're greeted by the warmth of a community working together towards a common goal—rehabilitation and empowerment. With five bedrooms, two bathrooms, and expansive communal areas, Concetta House is designed to foster a sense of belonging and mutual support. Key features include:

  • Spacious communal kitchen and dining area, the heart of daily interactions and shared meals.

  • A communal lounge and TV area, offering a space for relaxation and social engagement.

  • Dedicated smoking area, respecting the needs and choices of our residents.

  • Proximity to essential amenities, ensuring convenience and ease of access to daily needs.

  • On-site office, providing immediate support and a direct link to our staff.

Sandra House: Building Bridges

Sandra House exemplifies our commitment to providing a stepping stone to stability and independence. With its strategic layout of two flats, Sandra House offers:

  • A choice between a 3-bedroom and a 4-bedroom flat, catering to different needs and preferences.

  • Private bathrooms in each flat, alongside communal kitchens and dining areas, promoting both privacy and community living.

  • Prime location, with easy access to public transport, local shops, and healthcare services, underscoring our focus on convenience and accessibility.

Empowering Our Residents: Services and Support

Beyond the physical structures of Concetta House and Sandra House, our services aim to empower residents through:

  • Tailored support plans, addressing individual goals and challenges.

  • Access to educational, vocational, and employment opportunities, fostering personal and professional growth.

  • Health and wellbeing services, focusing on physical health, mental health, and substance misuse recovery.

  • Community engagement initiatives, encouraging a sense of belonging and active participation in community life.

For Our Staff and Probation Officers: A Partnership in Rehabilitation

We recognize the pivotal role of our staff and probation officers in the journey of our residents. This section of the blog will explore:

  • Training and development opportunities for staff, enhancing skills and knowledge to support our residents effectively.

  • Collaboration with probation officers, ensuring a coordinated approach to rehabilitation and reintegration.

  • The impact of supportive accommodation on reducing reoffending, with insights from case studies and success stories.

Conclusion: A Journey Together

In closing, Concetta House and Sandra House represent more than just accommodation; they are the foundations upon which lives are rebuilt, and futures are reimagined. Our eligibility criteria ensure that we reach those who are most in need, providing a pathway to stability, growth, and empowerment. Together, with our residents, staff, and probation officers, we embark on a journey of transformation, rooted in support, understanding, and community.

Please feel free to share with someone that you feel will benefit from the information in this blog post.

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