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Did you know.......

That New Ethos House has outdoor access on three levels of the building! This was one of the features that encouraged us to take on this property.

The 3 rd floor has a bench press for our service users. It is also a designated smoking area. The 2nd floor also has outdoor access which is for staff use only and then finally the lower ground floor has a small courtyard with access to street level.

New Ethos house is a Tardis it looks small from the outside but in reality, boasts a lot of space. It has a very peaceful atmosphere; although we have 8 people living here you would never know due to the serenity of the property.

If you are reading this blog post as a potential referee please reach out to us for more information on how you can be referred to be considered for housing with us.

We work closely with Nacro a social change charity and HMP Nottingham & Ranby who can also advise you on how to make a referral.

You can also go to our website to find out more about us as a Community Interest Company here

We strive to make our house your home. please feel free to comment, like, and share our blog post; especially if there is someone you know that will benefit from the information.

We are contactable via email- at

Phone- 01159169440

We are connected to social media so please go ahead and follow us by clicking the links below.

Shop till you drop, our online store has some really nice apparel and merch it is a great way to support us with our service users. Visit the full store here Shop NEN

Thank you for reading and don't forget to share.


Empower Chanveto Change.

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