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An Introduction to the Move-in Process at New Ethos House

An Introduction to the Move-in Process at New Ethos House.

New Ethos House is an 8-bed hostel designed to provide support and shelter to ex-offenders aged between 20-50. This hostel is an important resource for those who have gone through the criminal justice system and need a stable home to begin their journey toward rehabilitation and self-sufficiency.

The move-in process at New Ethos House involves several steps to ensure the safety and well-being of potential service users.


The first step in the move-in process at New Ethos House is to receive a referral form. This form needs to be completed by a probation officer, support worker, keyworker, or third party, with a full risk assessment attached. The referral form and risk assessment will be used to determine if the potential service user meets our criteria for admittance.

Step 2: Assessment

Once the referral form and risk assessment have been received and the potential service user meets our criteria, they will be invited in for an assessment. This assessment will include interviews with New Ethos staff, a tour of the hostel, and a review of the potential service user's past and present circumstances.

During this assessment, the potential service user will be able to ask questions and discuss the type of support they need to begin their journey to independent living.

Step 3: Move In

If the assessment is successful and the hostel is a good match for both the service user and New Ethos Nottingham, they will be offered a room. Upon move-in, they will be provided with basic amenities such as a bed and bedding, as well as access to other shared facilities. They will also be given a License agreement that outlines their rights and responsibilities while staying at the hostel.

Additionally, they will be asked to complete all necessary forms, including the housing benefit form, and they will be given their keys to both their bedroom and front door. Finally, they will be able to bring in any of the belongings they wish to bring with them space permitting.

Step 4: Support

New Ethos House provides a range of support services to its service users. This includes access to third-party organisations eg, registration at the GP, Dentist, counseling, mental health support, and education and employment opportunities.

We also offer to signpost to regular activities that promote physical and mental well-being. These activities are designed to help service users build the skills and support networks they need to transition into independent living.

The move-in process at New Ethos House is designed to ensure that our residents are provided with the support and resources they need to make a successful transition into independent living. We look forward to welcoming new service users and helping them on their journey.

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